El Servicio Administrado de Seguridad (MSS – Managed Security Services) es el más alto nivel de protección de seguridad para una red corporativa. Arcon selecciona, implanta, monitorea y administra sistemas de protección de la información que maximicen el resultado de las inversiones y aumenten el nivel de seguridad de las empresas.

A partir de 2 SOC – Security Operation Center, un equipo altamente especializado y preparado monitorea entornos de los más diversos segmentos de mercado. Con procesos
muy bien estructurados y aprobados por una exigente base de clientes, Arcon pasa a tener acceso a diversos tipos de códigos maliciosos, vulnerabilidades y ataques, lo  que le confiere mayor conocimiento y proactividad.



    • Technology requires expert management
    • MSS ensures correct management, based on the best market practices
    • MSS ensures the maintenance of high security levels
    • MSS reduces massively the occurrence of incidentes – on finances and the reputation
    • MSS ensures internal and external accordance to Standards, rules and regulations
    • MSS enables non-stop management,  24x7, for companies without this Infrastructure



Cost reduction
75% of the companies will increase their security level and reduce costs, by hiring a MSSP

Fast detection and management of vulnerabilities enables the performance before attacking

Experience, Expertise
MSSP has the highest experience level in incident handling. Furthermore, it has a team focused and specialized on the matter

Expanded Sample
Managed service providers act simultaneously in several companies, allowing the update of the best practices adopted for clients, whether to solve an incident or to implement a protection model

24x7 Coverage
MSSPs have security operation centers (SOC) working 24x7. Most of the attacks happen out of the regular work hours

Heterogeneous Environments Management
Managing different security layers of a company requires a numerous and expert team, which is only compatible with an MSSP structure


Outsourcing Annual Report 2013 - For the fourth consecutive year Arcon stands in the MSS market - 1st position.

Managed Security Services

Success Cases

Success Cases

The Wilson Sons enterprise is one of the Arcon’s clients that uses managed Firewall services

Sucess cases

What to expect from an MSSP

Possess mature, redundant and with certified processes Security Operation Centers.

Financial and commercial history that demonstrate your behavior in the market.

Solid experience
Well qualified and certified personnel.

Connected to a number of international entities and with strong relationship with manufacturers.

Source: MSSP – Carnegie Mellon


 By adopting MSS you get: